Case Study #3
Innovative Handmade Type Piece

Physical typographic creation


The purpose of this project was to provide a unique 3D typographic experience for the viewer, and have them take away one of the complex underlying meanings of covid from the art piece. I am including this piece because of how different and unique it was to create it compared to some of my other digital works. I believe it shows a diverse scope of my design talents.


The goal of this piece is to convey the message of sadness, and loneliness that people feel during covid. I created the letters out of similar plastics that are being put up as covid barriers to relate the material to a physical experience, and then put small clay figures distanced out in the letters to show the physical loneliness and space people are feeling right now.

The approach for this assignment was a long and difficult one that required many material and adhesive changes, but ended up working with plexi-glass, mylar, clay figures, and hot glue. I used a band saw to cut out my letters, and carefully pieced them together with hot glue, as to melt the edges.

Progress Photos

Final Photos